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Heard of the “Ripple on Effect?”

Aroha · Manākitanga · Kotahitanga

Well, involvement in Piringa has opened doors for me. It’s like being given a “second chance”

In part, Piringa works towards its tangata whaiora (client) accepting responsibility for our own choices – supporting awareness of others and strengthening bonds in our community. Piringa offers me a safe place (ahurutanga) a place to stand.

The whanau based philosophy, upheld and evidenced in the day to day contact and skilled support people enables me to set and realise goals. The language heard at the Whare (Karldon house) is life changing – for instance: through use of the phrase mental wellness of being. I am encouraged and heartened to accept personal responsibility for my own words and actions, to learn tino rangatiratanga. Employment is within reach.

The organisation skills, of lights on, washing done and kai plated up, as well as the structural functions of walking morning and evening to Piringa for medication, are two of the skills Piringa engenders. Organising the basics and structuring my days have allowed me to relate to others with self-respect and confidence – learning Te whakakoha rangatiratanga (respectful relations).

The respect for the reality of my situation accorded to me by the trained staff at Piringa is enabling me to be all that I can be. It’s a forum where day by day, step by step my goals are set and realised, with unwavering support from staff at the office, and into my community, my relationships with whanau and also to my friendships – Piringa encourages me to network.

Eventually I will be able to self-medicate, to be fully employed and maintain loving friendships in that. Piringa is instrumental in changing my outlook.

I hope you also can make that change.

– Jo

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“Keep good communication with respect, fair treatment, dignity & independence, proper standards, information, it’s your decision, support, teaching & research & complaints. Keeping well with whānau and staff. As a Māori mental health consumer for 30 years being a whaiora/client”